Oriental Carpets in high demand in Sharjah’s Central Souk


Journalism student Jana Aljama explains how oriental carpets remain popular in Sharjah Central Souk

By Jana Aljamal

SHARJAH—Carpet dealers in Sharjah’s Central Souk have been selling a wide range of oriental carpets due to their high demand. 

Some of the Iranian pieces speak to the historical, artistic and religious elements of the country’s culture. For instance, the dominance of the Islamic civilization in the country’s history is evident through the depiction of Al-Ka’aba and other religious monuments. The carpet weavers also mimic famous artifacts in their work such as the Persian painting “Isfahan Davari.” 

Each Iranian city is known for a unique weaving pattern that distinguishes it from others. According to Mohammad Raza, a shop keeper in the Central Souk, one of the most appealing to consumers in the United Arab Emirates is the pattern of the Eastern city of “Mashad.” These carpets usually feature a central medallion and combine colorful silk threads.  

Raza said that handmade carpets are the highest in demand. Weavers take up to ten years to finish handmade pieces and dealers sell them for more than 10,000 AED, he added. 

Raza said that the prices double if the piece is more than 100 years old.