Renovated Heritage District Highlights the Old History of Ajman


Journalism student Salma Atta reports on Ajman’s Heritage district.

By Salma Atta 

Ajman- Following years of renovation, the Heritage District opens its doors to visitors in the heart of the old city of Ajman. 

The Heritage District development project started in 2018 under the supervision of the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department. 

The new district expanded to include the area around the Souk Saleh and Ajman Museum, which is one of the oldest places in the Gulf. 

The area highlights the heritage and civilization of Ajman and aims to boost tourism in the city. 

The new destination includes 41 slots for different investments, such as commercial shops and cafes. 

The district also includes other old areas such as Al Hosn Plaza, Flag Plaza and the Fort Market. 

The area is decorated with paintings of national Emirati symbols such as camels, sailboats, and falcons. Each path or ‘Sikka’ is named after old popular Emirati poets to appreciate and honor them. 

Despite being open to visitors, the area is still under more renovation.