Four-Club collaboration wins Best Booth at Carnival

AUS: The Saudi, Egyptian, Indian and Jordanian Cultural Clubs collaborate with each other for the first time. The four clubs won the “Best Booth” award in the carnival.

By Aljohara Alotaishan

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – The Saudi, Egyptian, Indian and Jordanian American University of Sharjah Cultural Clubs collaborated to win the “Best Booth” award at the AUS Carnival on Oct. 20. 

The president of the Egyptian Cultural Club, Alaa Tarek, said “these clubs are very well known to be hard-working and amazing. They have achieved a lot. They have great publicity all around the university and all of us were so excited to collaborate.”

The clubs chose each other based on their popularity, work, achievements and awards they have previously won. 

The unique collaboration of different cultural clubs, which totaled 40 members, brought together many different ideas that helped them win the award.

The president of the Indian Cultural Club, Utkarsh Chauhan, said “It was just amazing what ideas could be brought to the table, and the implementation was way easier because we want to win The Best Booth Award.”

The four-club booth had a variety of activities and prizes to be won. They also had “Code Red” and “NiceCream” as their sponsors, which provided snacks and drinks for the booth’s visitors.