Student Team offers CAS hoodies for sale


By Aleen Anderias

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH— It’s always “hoodie season” on campus, according to the American University of Sharjah’s College of Arts and Sciences Student Team, so they are making one for CAS.

Noting that students wear sweatshirts all year round, CAS Student Team President Abdelhamid Khodja said Wednesday the group has created hoodies exclusively for the CAS student body. 

“Students know that there is AUS merchandise, but they wanted something CAS-specific and that it’s designed by the student team,” Khodja added.   

The hoodies, costing AED 110 each, are available in white, black, pink, and gray. To purchase a hoodie, visit and fill out the Google Form as instructed.

Khodja said that the CAS Student Team expects to host several events for the college and gather its student majors together to create “a sense of community.”

“Everyone sort of exists in their isolated bubble and the goal is to have an inclusive atmosphere that everyone can connect in,” Khodja stated. 

In addition, Khodja said that by hosting future events, he encourages people to communicate as it’s “crucial.”