ECC members buy Eid gifts for orphans

Emirati Cultural Club members and IXO program students went Eid shopping for orphans April 9 (PHOTO COURTESY EMIRATI CULTURAL CLUB)

By Meera Shaheen 

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – Members of the Emirati Culture Club at the American University of Sharjah went Eid shopping for orphans on April 9.

Each ECC member was tasked with providing one or two outfits for a specific child.

The club members went shopping in Max at City Center Al Zahia.  

Khalid Al Araimi, the sports coordinator of the ECC, said “we felt like it would be an important gesture as it is Sunnah to adorn yourselves on Eid and wear your best clothes.” 

The students then delivered the clothes to the orphanage before Eid so that the children could have time to try them in case any issues arose.

Al Araimi added, “we also brought Andrew [Bacilek] and Bendix [Koch], exchange students from IXO to showcase our religion and culture, as well as explain Ramadan and Eid deeper. They wanted to tag along to provide clothes for the orphans.”