Thursday, July 25, 2024

The night disco died

Journalism student Zainab Husain discusses the revival of disco during Covid-19

Many musical genres, artists and bands fade away but why do they? How did Disco, a global phenomenon disappear? The reason is complicated, but its ending is marred with racism and tragedy. Disco was a genre that was created by the African American and Latinx community in Chicago and New York. Disco came after a turbulent and repressive decade in America. The genre also allowed a more positive depiction of African Americans during the Nixon era. Disco represented a more open and free American society. It wasn’t just a musical genre but also a movement. But despite its popularity, it faced heavy criticism and backlash from conservatives. Mainly because it was a diverse genre dominated by African Americans and other racial minorities. Its defining moment has to be in 1979, the Disco Demolition Night, also known as “The Night Disco Died.” Disco may have disappeared, but its upbeat rhythms and catchy tunes have inspired modern pop music’s greatest hits. Thanks to Tik Tok, in 2020, disco had a major revival. In this podcast, I will discuss how and why Disco died and its re-emergence.