Tuesday, June 25, 2024


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MCM Students Podcasts

Science Talk with Tala Zoubi

Science Talk with Tala Zoubi  Biology student Abdelhamid Khodja talks about his involvement with impactful undergraduate research and his aspirations in the field of biology and drug discovery as he approaches graduation.

Behind the scenes with Sabah

Professor Daniel Gott is a visiting professor of Theatre and Performing Arts at the American University of Sharjah and an aspiring actor himself. He has worked as a voice and acting...

Fashion and Sustainabilty with Shaikha

Hamza Parvez, a marketing student at AUS and the vice president and one of the founders of the new sustainable fashion club, shares his passion for having a fashion sense that is...

With Bissane–a podcast interview with Sheikh Sultan Bin Sooud Al Qassemi

Art with Bissane  Bissane El Sayed chats with Sheikh Sultan Bin Sooud Al Qassemi, who is an Emirati researcher and columnist. Sheikh Sultan is also the founder of Barjeel Art Foundation and...

Music on Music Daily with Nadine Sayed

My guest today is Abdullah Al Tekreeti. The podcast is called “Music Daily,” and it covers different music genres, and in this episode, Al Tekreeti will talk about how he discovered...