CAAD hosts workshop on 16 mm moviemaking

Alex Cunningham presenting a film titled “Lovemoon Battlefield” at the MONO NO AWARE XI film festival in New York, USA in 2018. Cunningham is an educator and independent experimental filmmaker and has screened his films at numerous film festivals. Image Courtesy: Alex Cunningham.

By Karim Aziz Oghly

UNIVERSITY CITY – Thirteen students at the American University of Sharjah, with no apparent commitments on Valentine’s Day, had the opportunity to attend a workshop detailing the process of recording on and developing 16-millimeter motion picture film.

photo by Trey Pentecost

Alex Cunningham, a filmmaker based in the United States, visited AUS to share his knowledge of the procedure.

Cunningham said the students were so “full of curiosity and passion, and [executed] the techniques with success we rarely see with first time filmmakers.”

Anna Kipervaser, visiting assistant professor at the College of Architecture, Art and Design,
organized the event.

Although the workshop exceeded its proposed time frame, lasting 10 hours, the projects did not reach the final stage of contact printing, which would result in a positive normal image.

However, Cunningham scanned the developed negative rolls of film and provided participants with digital copies of their videos.

Hadi Damer, a workshop attendee, said using the camera felt as if he had time traveled into the past and made him appreciate modern imaging technology more.