Expo Centre postpones jewelry event until September date


By Dana Alomar

SHARJAH– The Expo Centre Sharjah management postponed the upcoming March edition of the Watch & Jewelry Middle East Show due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will combine it with a later edition, to be held Sept. 29 to Oct. 3. 

The 48th exhibition was scheduled to take place on March 25-29. According to the Watch & Jewelry Middle East Show team, the decision to combine it with the 49th edition, already scheduled for the fall, was made to make sure that the event would be held in a safe and clean environment. 

On their website, the team said that they will continue to take instructions from the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention and the World Health Organisation and keep everyone updated. 

A variety of international exhibitors showcase their watches and jewelry designs at the event. 

According to the website, it is “the only biannual show that can tap all jewelry buying seasons.” 

Mentioned on their page, the Watch & Jewelry Middle East Show was expecting about 60,000 attendees from 52 countries.