AUS offering e-learning training as part of remote education strategy


By Wadha Al Maeeni

UNIVERSITY CITY – The Ministry of Education is requiring all institutions to develop an e-learning strategy to explore modes of delivery of academic programs and courses, said American University of Sharjah Provost and Chief Academic Officer Juan Sanchez, in an email on March 2.

Sanchez stated in the email that the school will carry out an exercise to improve the faculty’s ability to offer lectures remotely.

He added that the strategy is a precautionary measure to limit the spread of COVID-19 that might disrupt normal delivery of classroom instruction.

According to the email, the staff participation for the exercise is essential to ensure that they will be able to offer lectures in case classroom access is restricted.

Sanchez said that the IT team will be working with the deans’ offices to deliver training workshops that will start on March 3 for all faculty and lab instructors.

He added that the exercise is designed to provide foundational skills for delivering online classes.