AUS follows ministry orders to close due to Coronavirus concerns


By Wadha Al Maeeni

UNIVERSITY CITY – The American University of Sharjah on-campus classes are suspended starting on Sunday to contain the spread of COVID-19, the Office of the Provost announced in an email on March 4.

According to the announcement, spring break, which was scheduled to start on March 29, will instead begin on March 8.

The office stated that on-campus classes will resume on April 5.

The Ministry of Education stated on March 3 that a program for sanitizing educational institutions will be carried out during the four-week break.

The MOE has also announced a distance learning initiative.

Students will proceed with coursework and continue to follow classes as per information provided by the instructors, the office stated.

On March 3, all faculty and lab instructors at AUS attended a workshop that was designed to provide foundational skills for delivering online classes.

The sessions included training on AUS tools such as Skype for Business, BlackBoard Collaborate, iLearn, Google Meet, and Google Drive, said Provost and Chief Academic Officer Juan Sanchez, in an email on March 2.