True West Postponed


By Amro Eldahshoury

Courtesy Performing Arts Program

SHARJAH – Add True West, a Sam Shepard-written play that an American University of Sharjah student planned to produce in March, to the list of campus projects the coronavirus scare has postponed.

It would have been the second AUS production by Finance junior Uzair Mustafa, president of the Entertainment Collage club, a College of Arts and Sciences club that provide funding for it. 

Theatre professor Michael Long had been set to direct True West, a character study examining the relationship between two brothers, set in the kitchen of their mother’s home. 

Interviewed before the cancellation of the performance was announced March 1, Mustafa said that he was “highly motivated and committed to make this play.”

He added that “the characters are more three dimensional and therefore as an actor I have to give my character more depth.”