CAAD project promotes plastic recycling


By Karim Aziz Oghly

UNIVERSITY CITY – The Precious Plastics Lab looks to change how the American University of Sharjah’s community perceives their interactions with the materials they use and discard daily, said Associate Professor Zlatan Filipović in a March interview. 

Filipović said the College of Architecture, Art and Design led project will potentially help AUS residents understand that common substances can “easily” be reused. 

The lab facilitates three processes. The first being the collection and sorting of various types of plastics. The second stage involves shredding the material into a granulate. In the third step, the processed objects are used in injection and extrusion machines. 

For the project to be successful, proper communication with the community will be vital in ensuring the correct items are treated to avoid potentially harmful side effects, Filipović added. 

“The logic of Precious Plastics is to empower smaller and local communities,” Filipović said. 

PP is a global initiative aimed at promoting and aiding recycling.