Choir responds to lockdown with separate recordings to be edited together

Image Credit: Courtesy AUS

By Nourhan Samra

UNIVERSITY CITY – In light of lockdown measures taken by the UAE government, the American University of Sharjah’s choir has shifted its performance to the online world. 

Prior to the lockdown, the AUS choir was preparing to perform a collection of jazz music, in addition to several songs in English, Italian, Latin and Urdu.

After the suspension of on-campus classes, their usual practice was replaced with individual weekly assignments in preparation for the Soiree Musicale concert on April 20. 

When the lockdown was extended, the choir stopped practicing for the concert and started collaborating on a virtual Latin piece named “La Speranza.”

“It is a completely different way of performing music,” said Saba Al Khatib, a member of the choir’s alto section. 

Choir members were required to record the piece individually and upload it onto a shared file on Soundtrap, an online music-making website. 

The separate recordings are going to be edited together to produce a final track of the Latin arrangement performed by the AUS choir.