AUSMC seeks applicants for debate event

Delegates in an early 2020 AUSMC event raise their placards as part of the rules of procedure during committee sessions (COURTESY PHOTO).

By Sarah Al Saeid

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – American University of Sharjah’s Model Congress Executive Board begin their search for the best 16 debating teams in the UAE after applications closed Sept. 17.

The board is looking for debaters with soft skills like public speaking, research, team dynamic and critical thinking.

AUSMC President Lena Khalifa said, “If they have experience and understand how to point out logical fallacies in arguments, that’s a plus.”

The organization requires applicants to have basic knowledge of the rules of debate, added Khalifa.

During the online championship however, debaters will be evaluated based on their delivery of factual information, persuasiveness and rebuttals to counterclaims, added Khalifa.

The board will contact applicants for an interview after shortlisting them. 

“Once the interviews are over, we will select the best 16 teams to compete in the championship,” said Khalifa.

According to Undersecretary of Communications Assem Ahmad, the organization is announcing the interview results early next week.