AUS admission figures up despite pandemic, move to online teaching


By Menatalla Shawky

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – American University of Sharjah’s Fall 2020 enrollment figures are slightly better than last year’s despite the current COVID-19 situation and moving to online teaching, an admissions official said Sept. 14.

According to Executive Director of Enrollment Management Ali Shuhaimy, the total number of students enrolled in Fall 2020 was 5,198, compared to Fall 2019, where the total was 5,148.

Replying to questions via email, Shuhaimy broke down these figures into three categories: Undergraduates, graduates, and Achievement Academy.

For Fall 2019, the numbers were: undergraduate, 4,599; graduate, 435; Achievement Academy,  114. The numbers for Fall 2020 were: undergraduate, 4,591; graduate, 521; Achievement Academy, 86.

When asked whether online vs. in-class teaching is an issue for new applicants and returning students, Shuhaimy noted that “It was for some with minor complaints.”

He added that “due to the current pandemic, we had to revamp all of our processes to provide services digitally; including a virtual orientation week.”

Shuhaimy said that although it was challenging, “we were able to meet all applicants’ needs making their transition into university life a smooth one.”