AUS issues guidance in case of positive COVID-19 tests


By ElFatih Mahgoub

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – Many hospitals will not accept COVID-19 patients, and insurance companies may not cover treatment costs, the American University of Sharjah warned students and employees in an Oct. 15 email. 

For those testing positive for COVID-19, the AUS Health Services provided procedures to follow for staff and campus residents’ safety. These include the mandatory requirements of wearing a mask, quarantining at home, and practicing social distancing from household residents. While most coronavirus cases do not demand hospitalization, in some cases doctors will require it, and those testing positive should seek information from their physician concerning available facilities. 

Infected students are directed to email [email protected] with their results to enable them to take the proper safety precautions on campus. Staff members are required to submit the usual Sick Leave request if they encounter difficulties with the workload during self-isolation.