Global issues at center of club webinar

IMAGE The New York Public Library

By Maitha Belrahif

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – The Effective Altruism Club hosted an online student discussion titled “How Can We Save the World?” to stimulate a conversation about worldwide issues and how people can help, Tuesday, Nov 3.

The event surveyed the moral obligation and limits of its participants. Members used hypothetical situations to spark ethical discussions, often presenting individual morality as fluid and relative.

However, some argued there are some absolute notions when it comes to saving the world. For example, it was said that to help save the world, people must help people. 

Assistant Coordinator Anam Fatima voiced her definition of an altruist, noting “a true altruist will stay on the constant lookout for the scope to help others and make a difference.” 

The event was live and consisted of around 24 participants, including club board members and interested students.