Club stays active with virtual, online events

Courtesy Image

By Nada Al Astwani

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – Coping with the pandemic at the American University of Sharjah forced the Sudanese Cultural Club to produce “virtual” and online activities for its members this term, actions its president said in a recent interview have been both stressful and rewarding.

ElFatih Mahgoub said he and the rest of the club members were able to adapt and overcome by, among other things, designing a virtual booth for the September Club Fair. Despite not being able to represent the club with a physical space, Mahgoub said he and members still “wanted to formulate something special to capture the essence of Sudan.”

The Sudanese Cultural Club was also able to successfully hold an online event involving Kahoot and Among Us. The club is also planning to hold a poetry event sometime soon. 

Mahgoub said he hopes that next semester is going to be on campus and is looking forward to potentially holding Global Day in person. Despite the challenges, he said he remains hopeful and is working to continue running the club for students.