Spanish Cultural Club readies upcoming online event

AUS's Spanish Cultural Club is preparing a Nov. 16 online event (COURTESY IMAGE)

By Jana Issa 

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – The Spanish Cultural Club at the American University of Sharjah is coping with the pandemic crisis by hosting a virtual event with various online activities Nov. 16. 

Activities Coordinator Lina Eldessouky said one of the biggest hardships the club endured was trying to get everyone to attend organizational meetings. She said that because online studying is demotivating, and many members are stressed because of university pressures, some have found it hard to participate and reply to group messages. 

However, the Spanish Cultural Club was still able to coordinate the upcoming virtual event through a Zoom meeting, and is preparing to offer Spanish-themed Kahoot games along with online scavenger hunts. 

In spite of club members not being able to physically represent themselves, Eldessouky said “It is highly essential to be able to represent the Spanish culture and let people be aware of it.” 

Eldessouky concluded by hoping that the Spanish Cultural Club manages to provide students with “an insightful fun experience,” and helps students feel connected in this pandemic when many might feel isolated and alone.