Dubai chef helps AUS mark International Food Day online


By Tuqa Al Ayoubi

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – The Department of International Studies at American University of Sharjah collaborated with the Gastronomy Club to host the INS 120 International Food Day online on Nov. 9 between 6-7 p.m., inviting all members via email one day prior.

Ismael Bashiri, president of the Gastronomy Club, hosted the Zoom call event and introduced Executive Chef Chikku Renji of Sarj Art Café in Dar Al Wasl, Dubai, who presented a live cooking show from the restaurant’s kitchen.

The chef, who has been working at the café for six years, cooked an Indian dish consisting of sea bass with green rice and many flavours and spices in 20 minutes.

Bashiri conversed with the chef and asked him all the questions that the students sent on the call.

Renji provided the viewers with cooking tips and answered all questions.

International Studies Student Association President Aisha Alyassi took over the event and played “Guess the Dish” with all the viewers, who had to look at pictures of different dishes and guess its name and origin.

The game showcased many images of dishes from various cultures and countries: Koshari from Egypt; Biryani from India; Knafe from Palestine; Luqaimat from United Arab Emirates; and many more.

For the recipes used in the event and more information, visit the Gastronomy Club Instagram account here: