Online KCC event draws enthusiastic crowd

Web Image: Piqsels

By Sakina Dholfar

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – The Korean Cultural Club at the American University of Sharjah hosted a virtual talent festival on Feb. 23 as a part of the spring 2021 Club Fair event. 

The KCC held the “Spotlight” event on Zoom with around 25 attendees. 

The event consisted of a talent contest where participants were required to submit short videos of performances highlighting Korean culture. 

The submissions were then displayed during the event for a live audience poll, aiming to choose a winner for the contest.

Club President Razan Abussuad said that the audience’s enthusiastic reaction towards the event was “unexpected,” given its remote nature. 

She added that the club has been finding it difficult to conform to an online base of events. 

“The appeal of physical interaction during an event isn’t replaceable, but the club tries its best during these times,” said Abussuad. 

Despite various restrictions due to COVID-19, Abussuad said that “the club will continue to prioritize the representation of Korean culture among the student community.”