Children Films in Cinépolis Cinemas


Cinépolis Cinemas Screen Children Movies in an Exclusive Setting by journalism student Sarah Al Saeid

By: Sarah Al Saeid 

SHARJAH – The junior hall of Cinépolis Cinemas welcomes kids to a unique cinema experience at Oasis Mall in Sharjah. 

Cinépolis screens “G” and “PG” rated children’s movies inside the junior hall. 

The family-friendly auditorium features a colorful interior that includes a slide, a jungle gym and a ball pit play area. 

The ball pit area is secured with check-in and check-out doors along with softly padded floors to guarantee a safe playtime. 

Children are not allowed inside the hall without an adult. 

The cinema offers “junior double bean” seating for AED 52. While the “junior premium” and “junior lounger” seating are for AED 36 each. 

According to the cinema’s website, the cinema ensures that the “little guests” have adequate time to enjoy the various services. 

“The auditorium provides 20 minutes play time before the movie and a 15-minute intermission period during each movie.” 

Cinépolis is the world’s fourth largest cinema chain and was founded in Mexico. 

As of now, Cinépolis has one branch in the United Arab Emirates, located in Sharjah.