Arabic Music Ensemble readies mid-May event

Web Image: Piqsels

By Abdul Nauman

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – The American University of Sharjah Performing Arts Program will host an online choir event showcasing the abilities of the Arabic Music Ensemble (AME) and a selection of private voice students in the Spring Virtual Music Concert premiering in mid-May.

The Arabic Music Ensemble repertoire is a combination of several different choir, advanced and individual pieces along with a selection of instrumental pieces.

Choir conductor and director of the AME, Dr. Albert Agha, said this spring semester has seen the highest turnout thus far with 27 members hailing from several different ethnicities. 

The choral pieces will be recorded individually by each student following a silent click track or conduction video and then layered on voice by voice until a cohesive song is made. 

The event will go live on the Performing Arts Program’s YouTube channel in mid-May and is free to watch for everyone.