Maritime biodiversity essential, but under threat, students learn

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By Salma Atta 

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH ­­­– Climate change and biodiversity loss are affecting human health and life in general, a marine biology expert said during a March 3 virtual event hosted by the American University of Sharjah’s Chemical Society Club.

Mona Moller, marine programme coordinator for Emirates Nature-WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), an environmental conservation organization, explained how marine biodiversity benefits humans. Threats to the ecosystem, she noted, have provisioning, regulating, and cultural impacts. 

She urged participants to integrate sustainability, conservation, and the appreciation of nature and biodiversity into every aspect of life.

Moller, who has a degree in conservation biology and experience in marine and terrestrial realms, made the remarks as part of a Zoom presentation on marine biodiversity and wildlife in the United Arab Emirates. 

Besides marine mammals and fish, she also discussed different marine species in the UAE, such as mangroves, coral reefs, and oyster beds.

The session concluded with questions and answers. 

The event, which ran from 5-6:30 p.m., was part of AUS Sustainability Week. 

The audience included members of the Student Council and the AUS Sustainability office.