Virtual voice recital features eclectic mix

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By Abdul Nauman

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – The American University of Sharjah’s Performing Arts Program held a virtual Student Voice Recital on April 15 where students sang several pieces from the Romantic, Renaissance, and contemporary periods. 

The event showcased the abilities of Dr. Sherri Weiler’s voice students including, tenor Vignesh Kizhepat, baritone Karim Hodroj-Remmel, mezzo-sopranos Larissa D’Silva, and Reema Al-Nabulsi, and Katia Kanakri and sopranos, Krystal Alphonso, and Furat Abdeljaber.

Kizhepat began the event with a performance of Guilo Caccini’s Tu Ch’hai la Penne, Amore which was then followed by a rendition of Caro Mio Ben by Abdeljaber, a piece given to first-time students of Weiler. 

Next D’Silva performed Non Giova Il Sospirar by Nicola Vaccai and Alphonso sang Robert Schummans Volsliedchen followed by Hodroj-Remmels interpretation of Schumanns Auf Dem Rhine. 

Kanakri then sang On My Own from Victor Hugo’s 1862 musical, Les Miserables, and Al-Nabulsi sang Go ‘Way from My Window, a folk song arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram. Theywere followed by Gabriel Faure’s Lydia sung by Hodroj-Remmel. 

The next two pieces were again sung by D’Silva and Alphonso. D’Silva sang Benjamin Britten’s Jazz-Man whereas Alphonso sang Orlando Gibbons’ The Silver Swan. 

The last two performances were by Kanakri and Kizepat. Kanakri sang Jim Betts’ Starlight and Kizepat ended the event with a performance of All i Need Is The Girl from Stephen Sondheim’s 1959 musical Gypsy.

The event aired on the Performing Arts YouTube channel on April 15.