Sharjah Heritage Days


Sharjah Celebrates Heritage Days by Noor Al Dajani

SHARJAH-Sharjah Heritage Days Festival was held in the city’s heritage area along the Sharjah Corniche on March 20. 

According to the official website, the 2-week event included UNESCO World Heritage Day.  

Sharjah Heritage Days Festival brought together the United Arab Emirates and 29 other countries.

The festival included food, clothes, shows, and activities that focusessed on UAE culture.  

Visitors to Sharjah Heritage Days Festival learnt more about the history of the UAE.

Sixty-seven crafts were on display, inspired by the diverse geography of the nation including mountains and deserts. 

Visitors were able to experience Arab culture.

One of the aims of the festival was to bring back the old days. 

Ameera Al Dajani, a visitor at the festival, said that she enjoyed the events and the exhibits relating to  the traditions of the UAE.