INSA head reviews group’s role in student-led discussions

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By Jana Aljamal 

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH — The International Studies Student Association plays a central role in raising social and political awareness in the American University of Sharjah, said the association’s president on April 10. 

President Aisha Alyassi said that INSA is a student-led organization that operates under the Department of International Studies. Alyassi said that the association’s role is to host debates, talks and conferences on topics related to history, politics, philosophy and environmentalism. 

The president noted that the INSA Majlis is new initiative that the board undertook to raise awareness by allowing AUS students to interact with professionals. Alyassi said that the first Majlis addressed the Black Lives Matter movement and systematic racism. Political Science Assistant Professor Jeffrey King and Sociology Assistant Professor Jeniece Lusk headed the session, and then students led the discussion, she added. As for the second Majlis, Alyassi said that the session tackled sustainable fashion. AUS Sustainability Project Manager Julia Carlow and Nesma Studio owner Haya Khalifa presented the dangers of fast fashion and unsustainable consumerism. 

Alyassi said that INSA has also collaborated with political science scholars from universities in the United Kingdom, Korea and the United States to host conferences. She said that this way is effective in integrating students into the political discourse.