Iraqi traditional Iftar


Journalism student Tuqa Al Ayoubi reports on a traditional Iraqi Iftar.

By Tuqa Al Ayoubi

SHARJAH- During the holy month of Ramadan, Iraqis indulge more in traditional, rich Iraqi dishes in their homes to enjoy and celebrate with their families.

Dolma is one of the more popular Iraqi meals that are prepared in Ramadan.

Dolma is an assortment of stuffed vegetables that is prepared and cooked in an Iraqi way.

Each vegetable is stuffed in a Baghdadi dolma stuffing and wrapped tightly.

This meal is served on the Iftar table alongside the traditional soup, dates, and a dairy drink.

Seventeen-year-old Ibrahim Ali, who enjoys this tradition, says that most Iraqis break their fast with an odd number of dates and a dairy drink, before eating the main meal.

“Just as the sunnah and scientists advise, dates provide our bodies with energy and sugar, and the dairy drinks help with digestions and washing down the meal easily,” he said.

Besides the dates and soup, the iftar meal includes a stew dish.

After the Iftar meal, Iraqis enjoy some traditional Iraqi tea prepared using samover.

While drinking the tea, Iraqis snack on sweets such as Baklawa and Zlabya.