Covid-19 disrupts Ramadan in Bhopal, India


Bhopal Celebrates Ramadan Amid Second Wave by journalism student Abeer Khan

By Abeer Khan 

BHOPAL, INDIA – Ramadan customs involving iftar parties, exchanging food with neighbors and meeting extended family are absent this year as the state government has imposed a “corona curfew.” 

The intended week-long curfew, which started on April 12, has been extended till Saturday. 

Starting from the first day of Ramadan in Bhopal on April 14, those celebrating have been confined indoors. Individuals have been forced to alter old customs and create new ones. 

They break their fast in the evening at the sound of firecrackers, which are ignited by neighborhood mosques. 

Historically, fasts would be broken at the sound of ceremonious canons. 

Procuring groceries has been difficult for many as most commercial ventures remain closed. 

Many individuals are afraid of getting infected and choose to stay indoors. 

Most grocery stores in Bhopal do not offer home delivery, and the ones that do have been facing a shortage of staff. 

Fruits, fritters, dates and milkshakes are a staple iftar meal for those who can afford fresh supplies.

The second wave of the pandemic is marked by a drastic surge in coronavirus cases.