Voice students return to campus for juried finals

Image Credit : Courtesy AUS

By Abdul Nauman

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – Students taking private voice lessons with Dr. Sherri Weiler returned to the American University of Sharjah campus on May 8 to perform and record their final exams in front of a live jury. 

Performing students stood on the stage and sang their songs while Dr. Jelena Dukic accompanied them on piano. The remaining voice students sat in the audience and watched. 

Besides Weiler, the jury included Performing Arts Program faculty member Dr. Albert Agha. The two sat in the audience seats and judged the singers’ performances. 

First-time solo singer Reema Al-Nabulsi said the experience of singing live on stage was strange, given that no student had been on that stage in over a year; however she said that it was something she had missed seeing. 

Students dressed professionally and were asked to present the pieces as if there was a live audience.

Vignesh Kizhepat said that returning to campus felt overwhelming since he was returning to campus after over a year. He said he felt nervous performing in front of a jury since it had been so long since he sang for a live audience.

All of the voice students began the day by singing Caro Mio Ben, the first piece given to all new students on Weiler. 

Weiler said that all members of the jury and all the performing students strictly adhered to the COVID-19 safety protocols by always keeping their masks on and social distancing. The only exception was the performing student, who was allowed to remove their mask while singing.