Muted Eid celebrations in Bhopal, India


Journalism student Abeer Khan reports on the muted Eid celebrations in the Indian city of Bhopal.

By Abeer Khan 

BHOPAL, INDIA – Eid customs involving family gatherings and congregational prayers are absent this year as the state government has imposed a “corona curfew.” 

The curfew, which was expected to be lifted on April 17, has been extended till Tuesday. 

A typical Eid consists of men going for prayer to Idgah and family members visiting each other to exchange festive greetings. 

Idgah is the name for a historical mosque in the city, where only congregational Eid prayers are held twice a year. 

Preparation for Eid involves shopping for new clothes and ingredients to prepare the traditional meal. As access to supplies remains limited and families face death or disease, many did not celebrate like they normally would. 

“Given the situation, I am just grateful to have been able to celebrate Eid at all,” said Archana Zulfiqar, a resident of Bhopal. 

Additionally, traditional customs became impossible to practice as individuals have been forced to remain indoors. 

According to government records, there were 7,895 active cases in the city on May 29. This means that 20 percent of all active cases in the state are in Bhopal alone, making it especially important for residents to take all necessary precautions.