Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival


Journalism student Sarah Al Saeid reports on the activities at Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival.

By: Sarah Al Saeid 

SHARJAH – Under the theme of “For Your Imagination,” Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival hosted a number of exhibitions, workshops and activities that catered to all age groups. 

The activities included Applied Art Workshops, a Comics Exhibition, a Cookery Corner and a Cultural Program.

The Comics Exhibition involved live dance choreographies like “Sailors of the Space” and workshops like “Comic Book Plot,” “Villain Character Building” and “How do I Create a Comic.”

“Sailors of the Space” is a dance show that is inspired by the manga and anime world. 

Participants learned the secrets of comic creation from experts of the entertainment company “Comme il Faut,” and Graffiti Artist and Character Designer Spaz. 

According to SCRF guest details, “Spaz means the loss of mental and physical control that applies on each one of us. Every individual goes through their own “spaz” depending on their daily life circumstances.”

Chefs at the Cookery Corner cooked dishes from all over the world before a live audience. 

Guest Chef Alia Al Qassimi said, “for me this is an opportunity, not just to cook, but also to teach kids about a new country. Food can open people’s minds to other cultures.”

Al Qassimi taught children how to differentiate between cilantro and parsley and introduced them to ingredients like orange blossom water. 

The United Nations Children’s Fund named Sharjah a “Child-Friendly City” in 2018.