Ras-Al-Khor Wildlife Sanctuary open despite construction


Journalism student Abdul Muiz Nauman reports on the recent construction at Ras-Al-Khor Wildlife Sanctuary in Dubai.

By Abdul Muiz Nauman

DUBAI – The Ras-Al-Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, Dubai, which is currently undergoing renovations, is home to over 100 different species of birds, small mammals and fish.

The wildlife sanctuary consists of a series of natural wetlands and bodies of water, where the animals are free to roam. The sanctuary is made up of three separate hides, where the more natural scenic beauty of the United Arab Emirates is visible. 

Although a large portion of the total wetlands are currently closed to allow for construction, the government plans on creating a newer sanctuary in parts of the closed off areas. 

Parts of the sanctuary are not publicly accessible; however, the elevated viewing deck located in the sanctuary gives a 270-degree view of the wetlands. This viewing deck ensures that the wildlife is observed from a safe distance where neither the visitors nor the wildlife can be harmed. 

The viewing deck also has a series of windows that can be raised and lowered to allow for photographs and clearer views of the animals.