Dubai Coffee Museum revisits origin of coffee


Journalism student Sara Hameed reports on the Coffee Museum in Dubai

By Sara Hameed

SHARJAH – The Coffee Museum in Dubai, which is hidden amidst one of the winding Al Fahidi Neighbourhood alleyways, showcases the origins of coffee.

The museum consists of two floors connected through two flights of narrow stairs. The antique rooms on the first floor showcase International and Middle Eastern brewing techniques. The staff also provides demonstrations on how Arabic, Egyptian and Ethiopian coffee is brewed.

According to the legend of Kaldi, coffee originated from the Ethiopian highlands. 

“Jebena Buna,” the Ethiopian coffee ceremony, begins when roasted coffee beans are ground in a “Mokicha.” Water is boiled over charcoal in a “Jebena,” a traditional coffee boiling pot. The ground coffee is then added to the “Jebena” and returned to the charcoal, until steam emerges from the top. The hot beverage is served in a tulip-shaped cup called a “Cini.”

The museum library, screening room and café are on the second floor. The library features a map of all the coffee museums around the world, ranging from the Japanese city of Kobe to Hawaii in the U.S.