Sharjah Technology Park provides resources for start-ups, research


Journalism student Sakina Juzar reports on Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park

By Sakina Juzar 

SHARJAH, UAE – Sharjah Research and Technology Innovation Park prioritizes six fields of research and innovation.

The research fields include water management, renewable energy, environmental technology, transport and logistics, digitalization, and smart manufacturing. 

Several buildings are part of the Technology Park. 

 Offices, workspaces, and auditoriums are located in Wing A, B and C. 

The building also consists of Sharjah Open Innovation Lab with secured industrial equipment.

“The Park facilities have given us a great opportunity to bring our start-up ideas to life,” said Manaswi Madichetty, Vice President of StartUp SBA at the American University of Sharjah.

Wing B houses a research and development studio that focuses on retail experience.

The building also includes atriums and innovation offices on the second floor. 

Wing C, meanwhile, consists of offices and workspaces available for rental.

The Technology Park also includes an outdoor seating area for visitors to interact.