Psychology Club explores paths to positive psychology


By Ayaa Abdulrahman

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH—American University of Sharjah’s Psychology Club conducted an online workshop Wednesday to encourage students to indulge in positive emotions and surround themselves with positive relationships.

Psychology Club President Neimat Elkarib hosted the meeting, which drew 34 participants.

Elkarib introduced the term “positive psychology” and discussed its origins. She emphasized the importance of positive psychology in a student’s life. Elkarib pointed out that the meeting was intended to help students incorporate positive psychology in their everyday life.

The workshop was divided into two parts. The first, about “play and flow,” was led by Dr. Katherine Green, a visiting professor of psychology. Green asked participants to explore what the term play meant to them, highlighting its importance, especially in childhood. She explained that as people grow older play time is now known as flow, where a person becomes so extensively engaged in an activity that they lose sense of time.

The second part of the workshop was conducted by psychology Professor Dr. Angela Maitner, who is also a registered yoga teacher. She discussed different breathing techniques and how they can be helpful to tame anxiety. She led a concise introductory body and breath focus session for relaxation .