World’s tallest ferris wheel opens in Dubai


Journalism student Dalal Awienat reports on Ain Dubai, the world’s tallest ferris wheel.

By: Dalal Awienat

DUBAI, UAE-  At 820 feet tall, Ain Dubai is now the world’s tallest observation ferris wheel.

Ain Dubai is double the size of The London Eye, which is 440 feet tall. The wheel has a capacity for 1,750 people. The 48 cabins on the wheel hold up to 40 people each. Each rotation lasts for about half an hour.

Dubai resident Wafa Awienat said she is impressed by Ain Dubai.

“ I think it’s a very cool place to visit with friends and family,” said Awienat.  

All cabins on the wheel are equipped with an air conditioning system. Glass windows allow for a 360 degree viewing experience. Food and beverages are permitted in the cabins.

The ferris wheel gives a view of the Dubai skyline and is operational during the day and night. Led lights illuminate the wheel during the nighttime and showcase colorful designs. 

Ain Dubai is located on Bluewaters Island in Jumeirah. Tickets can be purchased both online and in person.