Sharjah Café Retains Culture, Heritage


Journalism student Sakina Juzar reports on Al Bareed Café, once Sharjah’s oldest post-office.

By, Sakina Juzar

Sharjah, UAE – Al Bareed Café, managed by Sharjah Investment and Development Authority, is in the heart of Sharjah’s first post office.

The café is a part of the Chedi Al Bait Hotel, which stands adjacent to the Creek harbor.

The Chedi Al Bait is built upon five original houses, which were once home to the family of Mohammed Ibrahim Al Midfa, one of the notables of the Gulf region.

This house incorporates the only remaining circular wind tower in the United Arab Emirates.

The café, also named as Majlis Ibrahim Mohammed Al Midfa, serves artisan Turkish coffee, ice-cream, and homemade desserts.

A barista in the cafe said that “this café is a great place for those seeking a traditional experience.” Al Bareed Café is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Due to Covid- 19, visitors are required to wear masks and always maintain social distancing.