StartupSBA workshop encourages productivity during new three-day weekend

Image courtesy SBA

By Hind Aldah

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – The American University of Sharjah’s School of Business Administration hosted a virtual productivity workshop on Feb. 7 to increase productivity during the three-day weekend. 

StartupSBA, an organization in SBA which promotes student business ideas by providing mentorship sessions and resources, presented the workshop via Zoom where 25 people attended. 

The workshop featured three speakers, AUS students Jahnavi Doshi, Michelle Amar, and Rahma Zuhair. Doshi spoke about goal setting and why it is important to set specific and attainable goals. 

Amar’s presentation included structuring the weekends effectively and practicing self-care. She explained the Pomodoro Technique, which is a time-management method that consists of 25-minute intervals of work, followed by five-minute breaks. 

The last speaker, Zuhair, spoke in the final session about finding hobbies and sticking to them. She said that being consistent with hobbies and interests helps in finding passion. 

Doshi, who is one of the workshop’s organizers, said that the workshop was hosted online to “give students tools to navigate through their commitments easily.” She added that an online workshop provides an opportunity for students to find purpose, and it gives them tools without feeling peer pressured. 

StartupSBA held a workshop the previous year on notetaking, which was also online. 

The three-day weekend came into effect on Jan. 1 for federal workers, university students, and school students in Sharjah.