Do not throw out your mother’s old T-shirts

Example of retro clothes. Photo by Haya Alyasin

Save the old clothes you had in high school because they might be back in style

By Haya Alyasin

Try to save your mother’s and grandmother’s outfits because they might be back in fashion anytime. Trends that were once seen as outdated and old are now considered trendy and vintage.

Trends such as cargo pants, wide-leg pants, mesh tops and mini-bags have been re-emerging these past couple of years. Stores like Pull and bear, Bershka and Zara have been bringing back these styles.

The reason for that is that they have made a huge comeback and have re-emerged as being the new trend. One of the main reasons they have made a comeback is mainly because of thrifting.

Fashion student at Amity university Rose Yousfi, 20,  said that fashion is an endless cycle.

“Trends such the Juicy couture tracksuits and cargo pants, keep coming back in fashion and going out of fashion,” she also added.

Since thrifting has become so trendy recently, people have picked up the 90’s and early 2000’s styles from thrift shops. Pieces such as Ed Hardy and Levi’s jeans as well as vintage clothes can be found there.

Benedict Sayyed, in-house designer at the Victor magazine, said “people do not thrift now for the sole reason that they can’t afford other brands or clothing outlets because they can … people thrift because these pieces have been passed down from generations and those styles are not produced as much.”

These fashion trends have come back in style after decades, but the way people wear them is different. Nowadays, the old trends are more aligned with the 2020’s fashion.

Corsets are now worn with sweatpants and joggers instead of it being a fancy event piece. Many pieces have been transformed to match the era we live in.

“Halter tops are coming back as a classic and in different styles and cuts,” said Sayyed.

People can customize these trends to their own fashion sense and liking.

Halter tops were once one of Paris Hilton’s signature outfits for a going out look in New York in the early 2000’s. They were also one of the biggest trends at Zara in 2021.

We have been seeing these trends making a big comeback since 2021, appearing on fashion runways and Instagram.

Many trends from the 90’s and early 2000’s were spotted in the Spring/Summer 2022 fashion shows,  mini-skirts from the Miu Miu Spring Summer 2022 fashion show, and the cargo pants from the Coperni Spring Summer 2022 fashion show.

Celebrities wearing these items in their Instagram posts caused these trends to go viral.  

Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner are some of the main celebrities who helped bring back these trends.

“One of the biggest fashion icons that brought back some of the daring 90 trends is Harry Styles,” said Yousfi.

Harry Styles wore a yellow plaid Gucci blazer and lavender feather boa during his performance at the Grammy Awards. His look was inspired by Alicia Silverstone’s character in the 90’s film “Clueless.”

Yousfi said, “this has showed everyone that all of the 90’s trends are back in fashion. Different aesthetics have come back such as grunge, Y2k, retro, hippie and hip hop.”

Tik Tok called early 2000’s trends “Y2k fashion,” and brands online started using the same name.

People at universities have also been bringing back the styles as well. American University of Sharjah student Dalal Aweinat said “I love the 90’s aesthetic and I find that these clothes fit my style really well.”

If you ask most people if they would wear skinny jeans now, they will probably say no. As opposed to if you asked that question in 2016, when it was trendy.

“I cringe so hard when I remember how religiously I used to wear skinny jeans,” said Aweinat.

Next time you want to buy a retro or a vintage piece, go and ask your mother if she has the item in the back of her closet somewhere.