Report parking lot damage, security officials say

Examples of damage to cars while parked in AUS' lots (HAIDY ABDELAZIM PHOTO)

By Haidy Abdelazim

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – American University of Sharjah commuters occasionally return to their parked car only to find it damaged, and the other driver involved nowhere to be seen.

Journalism student Donia Ibrahim was preparing to drive home after classes when she found her parked car had been hit from the front. 

“I couldn’t tell who hit it given there is no CCTV system available in the parking [lot] and I had spent the entire day at the university,” she said.

It is a problem campus safety officials say fortunately happens rarely. But they do have advice for those whose means of transportation has somehow picked up a dent. 

The Office of Safety and Crisis Management urges students who face such a situation to stay calm, remain in place, contact AUS security at 050-635-7651/06-515-4911, and report the incident with the exact location. A security guard should reach the location within 7-10 minutes to assist.

UAE insurance companies generally require a police report to be filed with any claim for such damage.