Plant sale raises AED 5000 for orphan home

Community Services' February Plant Sale raised about AED 5000 (ZAHRA RASHID PHOTO)

By Zahra Rashid

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH— The American University of Sharjah Community Services and Outreach program raised approximately 5000 dirhams through a charity plant sale on campus from Feb. 8-17. 

Amawi ElKhalifa, Community Services and Outreach coordinator, said this was one of the first campaigns held in-person since the spring semester began.

“We would usually hold a used books sale at this time,” she said. However, ElKhalifa explained that this was not possible due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. Therefore, the Community Services and Outreach team decided to replace the books with plants.

About 20 to 25 volunteers helped out with the plant sale, which took place both inside and outside the student center, and they sold mostly outdoor plants, ElKhalifa said. 

“The campaign was in collaboration with Sharjah Social Empowerment Foundation and University City Management, who donated the plants,” she said. 

ElKhalifa explained that the funds were raised for the Hand in Hand project and will contribute to the renovation of an orphan’s home in Sharjah. However, she said that the money raised from the plant sale is not enough for the renovation so the team is currently trying to arrange more money.

“As soon as we can get started on the renovation, we will,” ElKhalifa emphasized.

She added that the renovation usually takes anywhere between 10 days to two weeks and involves cleaning, painting and furnishing the house.

Poojaraj Maniyeri, a student volunteer for the plant sale, said it was an amazing experience. “The plant sale served a dual purpose since students, faculty and staff got to buy plants which can help relieve stress, while the money raised from it went to people in need,” she said.