Psychotherapist promotes art therapy as conduit for difficult emotions

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By Najla Alshamsi

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – Art therapy is a safe approach to express feelings that are otherwise difficult to communicate, Art Psychotherapist Dr. Najah Musthafa said March 16. 

The psychotherapist gave the talk to 50 people in an event hosted by the Psychology Club at the American University of Sharjah. 

Musthafa defined this therapeutic technique as a non-threatening, compassionate, and affirming way that uses the creative process to examine meaning, purpose, and perspective.

Musthafa highlighted common misconceptions related to the practice of art therapy including the idea that one must be good at art to benefit from the experience. 

The psychotherapist explained that this approach to therapy is versatile as it draws on a variety of theoretical frameworks and methodologies.

According to Musthafa, art therapy is a powerful tool for accessing and processing traumatic memories that have been stored in the brain. 

Art therapy can also provide a powerful release through the illustrations made, added Musthafa.