ASLI bake sale raises funds for Red Crescent

Students were asked to 'sign' in ASL when making purchases (HALA NASAR PHOTO)

By Hala Nasar

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – A March 16-17 bake sale by the American University of Sharjah’s American Sign Language Initiative raised 1700 dirhams for the Red Crescent. 

A screen with a video demonstrating how to ask for each food item and pay for it in ASL was near the bake sale stand. The event’s slogan was “Sign it to buy it!”

“We thought it would be nice to have an event where students can get knowledge and excited about ASL,” said Habiba Darwish, ASLI president. When asked why they planned a bake sale to promote their initiative, she said, “Everyone loves food.”

The bake sale took place in the Student Center and included sweet and savory baked goods such as cookies, donuts, cupcakes, mini pizzas and hotdogs.

“I like that the bake sale is incorporating treats with sign language, because not only am I getting a yummy treat, but I’m also learning how to sign,” said Hind Almatrooshi, Mass Communication student.

The event was initially supposed to be for one day, but student demand and extra food available caused it to be extended for another.

The baked goods were ordered from a small business owner on Instagram, @sweets_heaven21. 

During the event, club members signed interactions with customers, promoting their objective of inclusivity.

“Even when I bought the cake, the club member signed ‘Thank you,’ and it was really nice,” said Alla Abdunabi, a Design student. 

“It’s always nice to be inclusive, even if you know a little bit of the language,” she added