Is TikTok your new job recruiter?

Many use the app to keep up with the trends and news of the world.

People have mixed feelings about the application on whether it’s beneficial or a waste of time.

By Haidy Abdelazim

After a long day at school, Nelly is finally able to relax under the sheets of her comfy bed and scroll aimlessly through one application that seems to hold her attention the most, TikTok.

TikTok is a social media app used for producing, sharing and watching short video clips. It is a platform for independent content creators, businesses and brands to promote their work, goods, personalities and ideas to a global audience in imaginative ways.

Since its launch in 2017, the app has attracted over six hundred million users every month, growing more during the pandemic. 

TikTok is an application that has become a part of the daily routines of children and young adults in the past few years. 

Speculations revolve around whether the app is distracting or beneficial. Some would argue that most of the content on the application is useful as it includes life hacks or educational material that can benefit viewers. 

Others would say that it is a distraction to the young community as they spend most of their free time on the application and see or consume content that is not suitable for their age.

“It’s Cancer! The app gets you addicted where you can’t go a day without checking it,” said AUS student Seifeldin Abbas

So, let’s settle this, shall we?

To settle this, I conducted a survey within the American University of Sharjah in which students were asked a total of six questions regarding what they thought of TikTok and their usage of the app, and 16 responses were recorded.

The survey showed that around 80% of the students only have the app to keep up with the trends and news of the world without posting any content. And when it came to the time spent on the app, 50% said they use it excessively while the other half was divided between one to two and two to four hours, with the majority also thinking it influences opinions. 

The responses were also divided between “yes” and “maybe” when they were asked, “Is TikTok beneficial?” 

A Deeper Look 

I had the chance to delve deeper into the usefulness of TikTok and ask content creator, singer and AUS student Sasha Afsh about her experience with the application and where it landed her.

Like many, Afsh had downloaded TikTok at the beginning of the app’s journey when it had just launched to view content only, but that soon changed to her creating videos for fun, hoping to become TikTok famous.

A year and a half into her experience with content creation, Afsh started receiving deals from multiple brands that would like her collaboration with ongoing projects.

“TikTok helped so much in branching out and making connections,” Afsh said. “TikTok Marketplace viewed my platform to different agencies and through them, I made many connections in the industry.”

Relating to the advantages of the application, Afsh recalls how it helped her develop as a person by enhancing time management and developing professionalism when working with brands.    

“There are so many opportunities in this field, and whether or not you think you are capable… you are,” said the singer.

“TikTok is seen as a habit-forming app, with people judging it before having the chance to explore its advantages. If given the opportunity, the application can teach a lot of skills,” says Chemical Engineering Student Zainab AlFardan.

Responses from the survey supported Afsh’s opinion with the majority agreeing that if used properly the application can open possibilities for creative young minds to flourish. It delivers the appropriate content to the appropriate audiences, which improves the user’s experience and happiness.

Considering these responses, I like to think that TikTok can be very influential in terms of changing perspectives and creating opportunities for its users. 

Yes, it can be addictive and a waste of time if used incorrectly, but if it’s not this app, there will be another app and another and another.