New Personal Transport Vehicle policy, sticker requirement, in effect in fall term

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By Haidy Abdelazim

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – American University of Sharjah is to update its campus bicycle policy and plans to implement a sticker requirement this fall.

The Sustainability Department has issued the Personal Transport Vehicle (PTV) policy in order to define the rules and restrictions related to the possession and use of various non-vehicular modes of transportation on campus.

According to the policy, any member of the AUS community who wishes to own and use PTVs on campus must register them with AUS Security. 

This requirement applies to students, faculty, and staff. 

Owners of PTVs without registration stickers will receive a warning and be instructed to register with security.

Owners must have a completed signed PTV registration form to register.

Upon registration, a bar-code sticker will be provided and should be affixed on the front side of the steering handle.

A fine of AED 50 will fall upon the failure to register a PTV ridden on campus.

The policy lists the rules and regulations for the usage of PTVs that include the prohibition of riding such vehicles inside university buildings or on any stairway, wall, bench, or fountain.

PTV operators are required to wear a helmet, and those found violating the riding regulations could be fined AED 50 for each violation.