AUS Sustainability organizes its first thrift sale

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By Shaikha Majid 

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – American University of Sharjah’s Sustainability department organized its first thrift sale April 13 where students exchanged clothes, shoes, and accessories.

This clothing swap was held in celebration of Earth Day 2022 to encourage more sustainable lifestyle and fashion choices. AUS ecology representative Vini Rupchandani said that the thrift sale helped spread awareness to students by looking for alternatives to fast fashion. 

“Many students think that you have to make big lifestyle changes or host big campaigns to become sustainable but it’s really about being conscious about your everyday choices,” she said. 

Rupchandani said that students dropped off clothes they wanted to exchange, filling out a form where they would write their name, AUS ID, and the clothes given. They received credit points based on the number of clothes donated which they could use on the swap day to exchange for other items. 

Submission guidelines, Rupchandani said, stipulated that all items had to be clean, wearable, and free from stains or damage. 

She said that they did not accept unhygienic items, including handkerchiefs, napkins, and undergarments.

Organizers received about 50-100 clothing items, Rupchandani said, adding that those that were not swapped will be donated to an organization for those in need. 

The ecoreps also recruited volunteers to assist them in organizing the event. According to Rupchandani, over 70 people signed up to volunteer for this initiative. 

“The volunteers were very passionate, and interested in what was occurring, and they were spreading word about it,” she said. 

She said that they will be arranging similar events and hope to host another thrift sale next semester.