AUS COP27 delegate discusses goals for conference

AUS student Sabiha Ameen will be part of AUS delegation to COP27. Photo: Courtesy: Sabiha Ameen

By: Abdullah Al-Tekreeti

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – Sabiha Ameen, an American University of Sharjah COP27 delegate, said that the conference will help bring sustainability to higher education in an interview on Oct. 4.

Ameen said, “We are trying to integrate sustainability into higher education.”

In preparation for the conference, Ameen stated that more conversations were initiated with AUS students to identify what should be said on their behalf during the conference.

According to Ameen, AUS’s approach to sustainability is built around giving students the opportunity to express what they want to know instead of simply giving them unprompted information.

Ameen stated that AUS plans on having sustainability-themed events after the conference, as well as continuing to work towards becoming carbon neutral. Ameen said that she expects the conference to aid in both of those goals.