Professor: Devised Theatre essential for creativity

Professor Anthony Tassa ( Photo: Courtesy: Salma Ghalwash)

By Salma Ghalwash

UNIVERSITY CITY, SHARJAH – With the rise of mass media and film becoming more commercial, the freeform nature of Devised Theatre is important in enhancing creativity, an American University of Sharjah professor said Tuesday.

“Devised Theatre is the oldest form of theatre, and the most significant form of theatre as we move into the 21st century,” said Theatre Professor Anthony Tassa. He added that film has become mass-produced and formulaic.

Tassa explained that Devised Theatre is the work created by the ensemble without the use of a playwright.

“It uses physical movement as its main tool, as opposed to writing,” said the Performing Arts Coordinator.

The “explosion of Devised Theatre in 1960s” can be attributed to the work of the French author-philosopher, Antonin Artaud, said Tassa.

Tassa said he developed an interest in Devised Theatre while studying under Billie Whitelaw and several international artists for his master’s degree in acting at the University of Tennessee.